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Our office is located in Maple Grove, Minnesota. We have appointments available on location or through telehealth.

Taking the first step to schedule a therapy session, ask for support, or start the process of a chemical health assessment can be overwhelming and, sometimes, even scary. At Dagaz Therapy, I offer a wide variety of therapeutic services, both in person, at my office in Maple Grove, MN and online via telehealth for individuals who reside in Minnesota. I strive to provide you with a warm, comforting and welcoming space as you take those steps towards letting another person in on whatever help you are looking for. Services that I offer include individual therapy for individuals with mental health and addiction or chemical health concerns, individuals going through major life transitions, depression, anxiety, problems related to trauma, grief and PTSD, compulsive behaviors such as gambling, eating, self harm, etc, parenting support, and counseling for individuals coping with a chemically dependent or unwell family system. I also offer the service of substance abuse assessments/Rule 25 assessments for court, probation, school, or treatment recommendations.

NOTE: due to COVID-19, I encourage you to consider telehealth therapy, if you are able to. My calendar is always up to date and you can schedule an appointment right here through the website. No need to wait for return calls or emails, if you are ready to move forward!

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Maple Grove Minnesota Individual Therapy

The cornerstone of wellness starts with self awareness and self initiative. Using a wide variety of approaches, I am committed to providing individualized services to help individuals of all ages gain success in areas of anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem, motivation and quality of life concerns, serving the Maple Grove community one patient at a time. If you are in the Twin Cities area or are looking for Telehealth/Web-based therapy due to being out-of-area please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Chemical Health Counseling

The purpose of Chemical Health counseling is to create and accomplish goals related to addiction or problematic use. These goals may be to achieve abstinence, or another goal, that decision is yours or your child’s decision. Chemical Health Counseling may also be a good fit for someone who is not sure if their drinking or drug use has gone beyond normal or social use and is becoming a problem. Chemical Health Counseling can be provided in person in Maple Grove, MN as well as via telehealth to individuals who are unable to come to the office or live in greater MN.

Maple Grove Minneseota Rule 25 Assessment Services

Reasons for substance abuse or Minnesota Rule 25 Assessments include recent legal charges related to alcohol use such as DUI/DWI or public intoxication, to determine what kind of treatment a person who is struggling with addiction may need or to determine if an adult, child or adolescent is displaying signs of addiction/addictive behaviors. Assessments can be done in office in Maple Grove, MN or via telehealth for individuals in the greater Twin Cities or greater Minnesota regions.

Maple Grove Minnesota Parenting Support and Family Therapy

Family Therapy and Parenting support are essential services offered at Dagaz Therapy. These two services are designed to help address how systems can either help enable continued problems or nurture wellness and growth. As a parent of a child struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders, we can feel shame, guilt, lonely and find it hard to talk to others and get support in ways that we normally would. At my office in Maple Grove, MN or via telehealth for family’s/parents who live in greater MN, we can work to implement skills and change and bridge the gap in support that you may be needing.

Telehealth Counseling

In Maple Grove Minnesota, Telehealth Therapy is a growing in popularity because of the current state of social distancing as well as additional benefits such as flexibility, accessibility, and for many, the ability to receive services in their home where they feel most comfortable and able to open and vulnerable in the therapy setting. Telehealth services are available to any person who resides in Maple Grove, the greater Twin Cities or Greater Minnesota regions. Some individuals also choose a hybrid mix of in-person and Telehealth therapy.

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