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Dagaz Mission:

The dagaz symbol originates from the runic alphabet, translating to the words “day” or “dawn”. Most commonly dagaz is thought to symbolize new beginnings, enlightenment, growth, change, hope and happiness. My mission as a therapist is to be a helping professional that provides a safe space to help facilitate and nurture the hope, transformation and enlightenment that is symbolic of the dagaz symbol. I strive to provide individualized, culturally competent care and embrace diversity, uniqueness, personal preference and choice. I believe that one by one, healthy, self-aware people create healthy homes, communities and culture. I am honored to be a part of that process with the children, teens and adults that I work with, in the community that I call home.

The Dagaz Therapeutic Approach:

My therapeutic approach is eclectic, interpersonal and strengths based. I utilize evidence-based practices such as brief solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, mindfulness, and dialectical behavioral therapy. I have been trained in and practice both EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for trauma, PTSD and a variety of other disorders. I believe that this diverse approach allows individuals to develop personal growth goals for both their mental health and chemical health concerns and to be able to achieve those goals. My therapeutic approach is also rooted in the idea that through a therapeutic alliance, clients will feel safe and motivated to move towards growth, wellness, and personal empowerment.

Our Clinicians:

Kim Aspen, MS, Pre-Licensed Clinician (They/Them)

***Kim is accepting new clients

Hi, I’m Kim. :)

My personal counseling philosophy centers around individuality and celebrating differences. People are complex beings, and each person is a unique culmination of their beliefs, experiences, accomplishments, setbacks, relationships, passions, and so much more. Change is an exhausting journey and growth is never easy, but my goal is to create a safe space where your successes can be celebrated, and setbacks are met with compassion and an open mind.

I am passionate about helping individuals navigate neurodivergence (specifically ADHD and/or autism), trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and mood disorders. I am also passionate about helping those who identify within the LGBTQIA+ community who are struggling with self-identity, gender dysphoria, or self-acceptance.

As for school and work, I have a BA in Mass Communication (Winona State University) and an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Grand Canyon University). I have previously worked in a variety of mental health settings including adult residential (crisis and IRTS), adolescent residential, targeted case management, and a youth intensive outpatient program.

In my free time, I find peace and balance in art, creativity, reading, music, jigsaw puzzles, spending time with friends, and being outdoors.

My preferred clients are adolescents (12+), young adults, adults, and families.


Phone: (763) 200-1978

Vicki Rocha, MA, LPCC

**Vicki is accepting new clients

Victoria (Vicki) has over 25 years’ experience working with complex trauma, PTSD, and those struggling with life’s major setbacks. She is an experienced Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Board Approved Supervisor with extensive clinical and leadership expertise who has been in private practice since 2005.

Victoria’s (Vicki) specialties include trauma, PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety, family of origin issues, and other life’s difficulties. Vicki is open to
incorporating spirituality and faith as part of the healing journey if a client desires. Vicki is trained in EMDR and other trauma-informed modalities. Her passion is to provide compassionate care with a person-centered approach utilizing her widespread skill set.

Vicki enjoys working with a variety of diverse and multicultural populations that include adolescents, adults, and families. Her integrative approach may include healing tools such as expressive arts, bilateral art, sand tray and nutritional interventions. Overall, Vicki strives to connect with each client to meet them where they are at by assisting them to move forward in a non-judgmental manner.


Phone: (763) 200-1030

Khadijah Ramadan, MA, Pre-Licensed Clinician

*Khadijah is accepting new clients

Khadijah A. Ramadan received her Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Counseling Psychology from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and her Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in Communications and Public Relations from Metropolitan State University. Her combined experiences, both personally and professionally, have contributed to her decision to pursue a career in counseling.

Khadijah’s core values have been greatly influenced by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, who said “be the change that you want to see in the world”. Khadijah believes that change is a decision that must come from within and her role, as a therapist, is to assist in supporting each person's desire to change.

A native of Minneapolis, Khadijah is active in her community of origin, largely in providing mentoring and empowerment coaching.She is the owner and operator of Loving Care Minnesota, a personal care and nursing service established in honor of her grandfather. Khadijah partners with her community to provide different aspects of wellness, including nutrition, physical fitness, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Khadijah has three children and two cats. With experience as a model and performing artist, Khadijah loves to see movies and plays, especially Shakespeare. She claims she is not very athletic, though she has taught aerobics, kickboxing, and yoga. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and listening to books, dancing, and singing karaoke with people all over the world.

Khadijah's preferred clients are ages young adult through adulthood.


Phone: (763) 200-1029

Alyssa Burnell, MA, LADC, Pre-Licensed Mental Health Clinician

***Alyssa is accepting new clients


I graduated from Hazelden Betty Ford with my master's in addiction studies and have been in the field of mental health and addiction for about 3 years. During this time, I've been working with people from varying different backgrounds, including different ages, races, religions and economic classes. I value being able to support individuals as they battle addiction and mental health. I work from a person-centered approach to meet everyone where they are and collaborate in making goals, and breaking them down to more accomplishable amounts.

I'm interested and passionate about working with young adults and adolescents. I enjoy working all with ages, sexual orientations and identities, and backgrounds.


Phone: (763) 200-1364

Paige Elder, MA, LADC, Pre-Licensed Mental Health Clinician

***Paige is accepting new clients


Paige is a dually trained in mental health and substance use disorders clinicians. She has worked extensively in the substance use disorder field, providing co-occurring counseling to adults for several years.

Paige is passionate about helping individuals who may be struggling with co-occurring and/or substance use disorders are who are working to maintain their recovery goals. Paige works with adults, age 18+.

Paige provided inidividual mental health and substance use disorder counseling as well as chemical health/R25 assessments.


Phone: (763) 200-1473

Belle Anjangha, Clinical Intern

*Belle is accepting new clients


You can call me Belle, I’m a final-year Counseling and Psychological Services, and Addiction Studies student at St. Mary’s University, with a projected graduation date of August 2024. I hold a BSc in Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism, with a minor in Communication Studies, from St. Cloud State University.My previous work experience involves being a provider with the Sexual Assault Prevention Response (SAPR), Suicide Prevention, Career Counseling, Diversity and inclusion work, and Veteran Support Services as a service member of the United States Airforce. Also, as a Religious Affairs Airman, I am trained to support individuals on their “spiritual” journey, whether they are spiritual, religious, both, or neither. I have experience working with service members (having been in the Air Force for 7 years,) adults, families, immigrants, and other minority populations. My current interests in therapy include working with military service members and their families.

I am also passionate about working with families and providing mental health education to our community. I value a holistic therapeutic approach. One that caters to the whole person (physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.) I’m passionate about helping individuals struggling with PTSD, addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, as well as other personality disorders, find balance and fulfillment in life. I also have a keen interest in neuropsychology. I look forward to working with every client to identify potential areas of growth and working towards achievement and building resiliency.

In my free time, my other interests include: reading, writing, music, cinema, Ted Talks, Podcasts, Nature, and Mental Health Advocacy.

Other Relevant Training: Assist Certification: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Religious Affairs Airman Apprenticeship Certification

Belle's preferred clients are young adults, adults, military members and military families.


Phone: (763) 200-1490

Sarah Thilmony, MSW, LICSW


I am a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW). I specialize in working with children (6+) and adolescents who struggle with mental health issues through individual therapy, as well as families in navigating ways to better support one another through family therapy. Life can be stressful. I hope to be able to provide a safe, supportive environment to be curious and find healthy ways to cope with these stressors, manage intense/uncomfortable emotions, and live the life you want to live.

I use several modalities to meet the needs of individuals and families in therapy including Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT), mindful-based strategies, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Internal Family Systems (IFS). I also have training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF- CBT) to support children and adolescents, and their caregivers better process thoughts and emotions related to a traumatic experience. I believe in meeting individuals and families where they are at, and being flexible in my therapeutic approach.

My journey to becoming a licensed independent social worker (LICSW) started at Minnesota State University- Moorhead where I received a bachelors in social work. I went on to attend the University of Denver where I received a masters in social work. I have worked in a variety of settings as a therapist/social worker for the past 13 years that includes an adolescent residential treatment center, child and adolescent psychiatric inpatient hospital, and school social worker. I have experience working with children and adolescents who struggle with their mental health, along with their guardians.

Personally, I find balance by being outdoors, spending time with my family and friends, hanging out with my giant golden doodle, and practicing yoga and meditation.


Phone: (763) 200-1483

Britta Svihel MA, LPCC, LADC (She/Her)

Owner, Clinical Supervisor, and Therapist at Dagaz Therapy


I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor. I specialize in working with youth, young adults, and adults who struggle with mental health and/or chemical health issues, as well as life transitions and stressors related to those age groups.

The most common symptoms or concerns that I treat include depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, addiction, parenting support, as well as children of addicted/alcoholic parents and families issues.

Personally, I am passionate about my family and close friends, and find my own balance through art, music, gardening, and crafting.

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor of Arts: Studio art and Psychology; Hamline Universtiy, St Paul, MN; 2008
  • Master of Arts: Professional Counseling and Addiction Studies; Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School, Center City, MN; 2010
  • Doctoral Candidate, Northcentral University, California, Current

Additional Training and Certifications:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR (Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing)
  • TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Previous Work Experience

  • Private Practice Therapist since 2015 in Maple Grove, MN
  • Adjunct Professor, Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School, January 2021 to present
  • Associate Director of Youth Residential Treatment, Volunteers of America MN from 2016-2019
  • Program Director, Clinical Services Supervisor, and a Clinician at Omegon Residential Treatment Center, Minnetonka MN spanning from 2010-2016
  • Student Assistance Counselor, Osseo Area Schools MN from 2013-2016


Phone: (763) 200-1305

*Email communication is preferred, thank you!

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