Understanding the MN Rule 25 Chemical Assessment

Understanding the MN Rule 25 Chemical Assessment

Understanding the MN Rule 25 Assessment:

What is a Rule 25?

Minnesota Rule 25 assessments are used for the purpose of determining two things:

• Purpose 1: The Rule 25 will help to determine what level of care OR kind of treatment would be most helpful to the person participating in the assessment

• Purpose 2: The Rule 25 can be submitted to the county to determine whether or not the person may qualify for county funds to help pay for them to receive those services. People financially eligible for County Rule 25 funding are individuals who do not have health insurance or those whose insurance will not cover the cost of treatment. Hennepin County Rule 25 funding is available for Hennepin County residents, both adults and adolescents. Individuals who reside in other counties may also access these funds through the county that they live in. This is a state-wide program, however, all counties may differ a little bit in the ways to apply for that funding.

What are the reasons that I should consider getting a Rule 25 assessment for myself, family member, or child?

• If you or your child has recently been involved in an event such as being under the influence in the community (public intoxication), school or home, a chemical assessment is a first step in identifying helpful resources. Additionally, if school consequences or law enforcement has been involved, a chemical assessment may be required.

• If you are feeling concerned about your chemical use or have recently been charged with a DWI/DUI or other drug related offense, getting a chemical health assessment is a wise choice and a good first step towards making healthy changes.

• Other reasons for assessments may include custody evaluations, charges not drug related, but intoxication was a contributing factor, condition of probation, work or social services

What is the process for getting a Rule 25 assessment?

The first step will be to schedule an appointment. The appointments are typically 60-90 minutes in length. The assessment will ask a variety of questions from specific questions about your patterns of substance use, to your general functioning and mental health. The assessment is broken in to six sections and those six sections are used to determine if you

• Meet criteria for a substance use disorder

• What types of services would be the best fit for you

After you/your child and I complete the assessment, I will be required to obtain a collateral. A collateral would be identified as at least one person in your life whom I can speak to to ask questions about your substance use, mental health and general functioning. If the assessment involves legal requirements or charges, social services concerns or potential custody evaluations, those individuals will also need to be used a collateral in addition to a personal collateral.

Once collateral is obtained, I will finalize the assessment and provide recommendations. The assessment will be provided to you and any other individuals of your choosing, or as required.

If you are needing funding for treatment through the county, I will submit the paperwork and facilitate that process.

Does my insurance cover the cost of a Rule 25?

Most insurance companies will cover the cost of a Rule 25 assessment. This assessment will also be used to request prior authorization to enroll in treatment programming if your assessment recommends that. It is important to check with your individual insurance plan by calling the Member number on the back of your insurance card to confirm that this is a covered benefit for you. Medical Assistance (straight MA) DOES NOT cover chemical assessments.

What if I don’t want to use my insurance, I do not have any insurance, or my insurance does not cover it?

Some people do not want to use their insurance to pay for chemical assessments in order to keep any potential diagnosis or recommendations confidential. This is an individual choice. If you do not want to use insurance, do not have insurance, or your plan will not cover the cost, you have the option to pay out of pocket for that assessment. The fee is $250 and it covers all portions of the assessment.

What if I disagree with the results?

Any person is able to request a second opinion if they disagree with the recommendations of an assessment.

How long is a Rule 25 assessment valid for?

An assessment is valid to use for county funding for 6 months. For most treatment programs and insurance companies, the assessment is valid for 30 days.

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